Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Caitlyn Jenner WON'T Attend Son's Wedding... She's Got A Biz Appointment That Day


Caitlyn Jenner will not attend her son Brody's wedding, and TMZ has learned it's the result of a profound family divide that goes back to the time Bruce married Kris and Brody is deeply hurt.

Jenner family sources tell TMZ Brody is extremely upset his dad has taken a pass for his wedding.

Caitlyn has told Brody she can't come because of a lucrative business opportunity, something that did not sit well with Brody, Brandon, Burt and Cassandra. Their sources say there were heated discussions but, in the end, Caitlyn chose business over the wedding.

TMZ was told the relationship between Brody and Caitlyn has been strained for years. He felt abandoned by his dad when he married Kris. Brody and company lay the blame on both Kris for being "selfish" and Caitlyn for being "an enabler" ... they say allowing Kris to put a wall between a dad and his kids from other marriages.

Brody has had the hardest time of the 4 kids in forgiving Caitlyn, partly because the others have connected with their dad with car racing and other sports -- something that doesn't interest Brody.

Caitlyn is belived to have issues with some of Brody's "life choices" but the other kids say that should be irrelevant on Brody's wedding day.

The kids feel like both Kris and Caitlyn have not acted like responsible adults when it came to them, and they have suffered deeply as a result. Brody has had the most difficulty letting go of his grudge.  Nonetheless, he wanted his dad front and center at his wedding.

However Caitlyn did go to the bridal shower and isn't objecting to the wedding. She's just putting business first.

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