Thursday, 31 May 2018

Plane Forced To Make Emergency Landing After One Passenger’s “Unbearable” Body Odour Makes Others Vomit And Faint


A plane was forced to make an emergency landing after a passenger’s “unbearable” body odour caused other passengers around him to vomit and faint.
The Transavia flight to the Spanish holiday
island of Gran Canaria took off from Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands but was soon forced to make an unexpected detour when travelers became distressed by the stench of a man who “smelt like he hadn’t washed in weeks”. The man smelt so bad other passengers started to faint and vomit.

Staff on board the Transavia service reportedly tried to quarantine him in a toilet of the Boeing 737 before the pilots were forced to divert the flight. They landed in Faro in southern Portugal so the foul-smelling man could be removed from the flight.
Belgian passenger Piet van Haut was one of the passengers on board the plane and he described the stench of the man as “unbearable”.
He said: “It was like he hadn’t washed himself for several weeks. Several passengers got sick and had to puke.”
Transavia confirmed the emergency landing saying it was due to “medical reasons”.
A Transavia spokesman said: “The aeroplane diverted because of medical reasons, but it is indeed right that he smelled quite a bit.”
The Photo below shows the man being escorted off the plane by medical staff and placed on an airport bus.

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