Friday, 30 August 2019

Skimpily clad Moyo Lawal twerks beside an Arab boat captain then replies to a follower who criticized her for it (video)

Moyo Lawal shared a raunchy video of herself twerking beside an Arab boat captain in a see-through bodysuit.

The actress pointed out in her caption that anyone who has a problem with what she was doing
should focus on the boat captain and desist from criticizing her.

But a follower called her out for her actions and Moyo replied.

@mmajesus wrote: "Am almost speechless. Sad enough to think that almost everyone is hailing her.Chai! there is something about this generation that is quite troubling but only those with spiritual eyes can attest to this."

And Moyo responded: "uuum let's talk spirituality ma'am... Hit me, please exactly what have I done.... Before you even start, let me remind if you watch entertainment, I have seen almost every female singer entertain people dancing, twerking doing whatever even in bikini .... So what is your point ma? So I can rightly assume you and your husband only listen to gospel music yes??"

See the video below.


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