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This Is How Snakes Get Into Your Toilet Sink And Bathroom - Health (Photos)

The thought of snakes in the toilet sink or bathroom is enough to make most people to get creeped out or irritated. The real truth is that these slithery dangerous reptiles really gets into people's toilet and bathroom.

Most people wonder how come these reptiles get into toilets and bathrooms, some people don't even
believe it is possible but I'm here to analyze how this happens and what you should do, precautions to take in order to prevent such an occurrence.

Normally, different reptiles and rodents such as rats, frogs and even cockroaches find their way into people main building through the pipes. Snakes are very much dangerous, that is why it is of higher concern to a lot of people.

Now let's get down to business.

When talking about snakes getting into the toilet sink, some people think or assume that there's already water inside the toilet sink, but if you know about plumbing you'll discover that the toilet sit is designed in such a way that the water stays only in the sink and the pipe that leads to the septic tank or soak away is always empty and free of water.

Also, some people wonder how come these snakes get through their pipes even though there is not a broken pipe outside the house.

I'll give an explanation on how that happens, as you know snakes feed mostly on rats and rats are known to burrow or dig holes in the ground. So as Mr.Snake chases after Mr.Rat, Mr.Rat runs into it's hole thinking it is safe but Mr.Snake still continues it's chase after Mr.Rat into Mr.Rat's hole and Mr.Snake might catch Mr.Rat if it's lucky.

If Mr.Snake gets unlucky and Mr.Rat Escapes Mr.Snake would have lost it's way and then tries to find every possible way to get out of the hole and the only way it can do this is to follow the direction air is coming from and unfortunately again, that air is coming from your toilet pipe that is connected to your septic tank under the ground.

The snakes then follows this path and ends up in your toilet to give you a warm surprise when you're about to perform your daily transaction with the toilet.

There are different ways in which this can be prevented from happening.

Firstly, Always make sure that all the bushes around your house are properly cleared and well burnt so as to prevent any rodents or reptile from harbouring around the house.

Another thing you should take note of is to Always ensure you fumigate your toilet sink at least once in 6 months, there are special pesticides that are made specifically for this purpose.

Keep your toilet lid closed at all times and you can also make use of a flat tile to cover your bathroom filter when you're not in the bathroom so as to stop any further movement of the reptile though the pipes and also ensure that all pipes are well fixed and closed.

Lastly, always make sure you check inside your toilet sink before you make any transaction with it, so as to avoid any form of "stories that touch the heart."

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 Australian woman bitten by snake in toilet - BBC News

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